Making money online can be a fun and exciting way to earn a living! Whether you have a full-time job and plan to fire your boss and build your own business, or you're just looking for a new source of income outside of your day job, this book is for you! This book is an easy informative guide that offers the tips and tools you need as you venture into online entrepreneurship!





LOVED IT!! It was like taking a shot with no chaser .She didn't add a whole bunch of unecessarry fluff like other authors that make you feel like you wasted your time. Very Simple Easy to do steps - Amazon customer 


Love how the book was laid out for an easy read. Struggled for years with the idea of getting started and this brought back the motivation and confidence to get on the track to establishing myself as a business. Thank you! - Amazon customer


I recommend anyone who wants to start a business whether online or local READ THIS BOOK ! India does an amazing job at outlining the blueprints for starting a business. Grab your notepad and start reading :)

How To Start Your Own Online BIz! E-Book